Competition 2009.

Unfortunatly this entry was classified non-compliant because it was presented in a portrait format instead of landscape!

For this reason, the proposal was not put in front of the jury.

Design approach:

This competition offers the rare opportunity to combine several different programmes to create a pivotal node in the Gold Coast City. To be able to take advantage of this, all programme is combined and housed under a large, single, circular roof; a “Golden Circle” of waving solar panels. This unique building type is at the scale of the challenge to accommodate the many activities outlined in the program. It happily rivals other large buildings like Q1.

This pure geometric-shaped building opens into an encircled park as its internal focus. The park is the heart of the project. It is where one accesses all parts of the building and its activities either civic or cultural.

By combining civic and cultural programs, new interactions are created. Having different hours of operation, different public interest groups and audiences, each part of the building benefits from its association with its neighbour. The Golden Circle is busy day and night, attracting a population from diverse areas of the greater Gold Coast City as well as those people working in the new precinct.

Parkland is maintained along the water’s edge around and into the building and integrated with a marina to augment transportation and pleasure. Open space is also placed in the creative hub.

Urban Strategy:

Creative hub: Supporting the Golden Circle is a large city block containing apartment buildings, office blocks, retail, art galleries, cinemas, theatres, artists’ studios, architects and designers. The creative hub will generate additional momentum around the Golden Circle and generate sufficient critical mass to make public transport viable.

This large area between Bundall Road and the Golden Circle is divided into smaller blocks in which the street frontage penetrates into the block creating a multitude of squares and public courts. Narrow streets allow local access for cars and deliveries, bicycles and pedestrians.

Transport Connections:

The success of the Golden Circle relies on its connection to the city. These connections need to be diverse, easily accessible, efficient and enjoyable; walking, cycling, light rail, driving, boating ….. cable car even!

Two new bridges are proposed to connect the Golden Circle with Chevron Island and Cavill Avenue into the centre of the city.

The Gold Coast waterways provide a wonderful opportunity for transport. A large marina is an integral edge of the Golden Circle to take advantage of the waterways and allow residents to visit the centre by boat.

A new tram line is proposed and will introduce a sustainable means of connecting the Golden Circle with Chevron Island, Cavill Avenue, Q1 and Sorrento forming a circle route between places of high population and in need of connection.

Driving will remain an important means of transport to this new civic hub for which several car parks are available on site.

As a creative solution to form a connection between the coast and the new precinct, a cable car is proposed as the most direct way to connect the Golden Circle to Cavill Avenue and the beach at Surfers Paradise. Small cabins of 6/8 people offers great passenger flow and great views from the aerial car. They have low visual impact and low infrastructure cost.

Flood strategy:

The entire built area of the Golden Circle and creative hub is elevated above the one in one hundred year flood level. The surrounding park levels bank up to the edge of the lower level of the Golden Circle.


The proposal will aim to deliver a sustainable environment drawing on the best available high-tech and low-tech systems. The thinking behind this proposal is to assess the scheme for opportunities to integrate best ESD practises based on each element of the scheme. The project will aim to be carbon neutral.

ESD initiatives will include reuse of demolition material generated on site, collection of stormwater for use in the parkland and buildings, sewer mining for water for the parkland and potentially carbon offsets.

One feature of the ESD strategy is the field of golden solar panels fixed to the top of the new building. The Golden Circle is a symbol of the commitment to reducing the impact of this development while providing an iconic building.

The external facades of the Golden Circle gradually become more open to the north, where sun protection is easily achieved, and to the south where it is not required. The facades become more solid when facing East and West to resist heat gain.

Aerial view towards Main Beach

Plan of the proposal

Combinations of activities